Monday, February 11, 2019

Spring 2019 Aerial Imagery Collection

Flying season begins as soon as the snow is gone and ends when trees are budding leaves. We stick to this tight time frame to ensure ground features will be visible in the imagery.

Contact us now to order Spring 2019 imagery to ensure we can accommodate you during our busy "leaf off" image collection season. 

Where We Fly:
  • North America & the Caribbean
What We Deliver:
  • Raw or ortho imagery with your choice of processing enhancements
  • Area or corridor coverage according to your needs
  • Image resolution up to 3cm/pixel
  • Elevation models based on stereo pairs as good as 1/2 meter intervals
  • Vector mapping of ground features seen in the imagery
  • Natural colour or infrared

Availability is limited by the short flying season in Ontario, so don't hesitate, contact us right away for a quote for these unique custom services!

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